The Lancashire Evening Post, Wednesday, 3rd November 1999
Tangling with the rites

The rest of us may be waiting for the millennium to see the new year in but one religious group has already celebrated its own.

At a tree dressing festival in Preston, pagans celebrated the end of their year.

They gathered in Winckley Square to dress trees with ribbons, plant trees and celebrate the 'Green Man'.

Omar Sharif, 29, of Deepdale, Preston, who was involved in the festival, said: "It gave an awareness of nature and was a celebration.

"It was quite busy, it was the third year running for this In Preston and from what I have been told I think it was the most successful so far and the weather was good as well for a change."

As well as the tree dressing visitors were also able to enjoy clairvoyance, Romany readings and music.

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