The Lancashire Evening Post, Monday, 8th December 2006
Floodlight plan to halt parks vandalism
Lighting up could be the answer to bringing vandalism down in Preston's parks, it has been suggested.

The idea of putting up floodlights in some areas to spotlight vandals has been discussed by officials in charge of the city's green spaces.

Jim Park, head of horticulture at Preston Council, said the idea is something the authority was considering.

The council recently said vandalism cost the taxpayer 165,000 every year with the majority of the damage taking place in open spaces such as Avenham Park, Miller Park and Moor Park.

The idea of lighting up areas was suggested by Coun Nicholas Pomfret who said it had been successful in Waverley Park in his Ribbleton ward.

He said: "The lights come on when the park is being used and it seems to work in deterring people looking to cause damage."

Mr Park said floodlights were a measure the council had considered, but he questioned whether the cost of powering them would be excessive.

Steven Jones, the council's director for regeneration, community and leisure services, told a meeting of the council's leisure review board that there was new lighting going up in Oxheys Park, on the corner of Brook Street and Blackpool Road, and facilities on Moor Lane.

Mr Park also told the meeting of the "growing frustration" the council was feeling at trying to tackle vandalism. He highlighted the destruction of the 140-year-old balustrades in Miller Park in February.

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