The Lancashire Evening Post, Tuesday, 1st December 2009
Vision for square is a 'carbuncle'
Plans to revamp Preston's Winckley Square have been described as a "totem carbuncle on the face" of the city. Lib Dem Councillor Mark Jewell has submitted objections along with the Lib Dem group to aspects of the plan.

The group's letter accepts many aspects of the plans, including the need for urgent attention to the drainage problems and new railings with a memorial to suffragette Edith Rigby.

But Councillor Jewell said: "The scheme should be amended to take on board what Preston wants.

"Many users of the square have objected to this application when in fact their objection is really to the totem pole and fountain, which will need to be maintained and is out of character for the square.

"I hope the views of users of the square will be taken on board and that the North West Development Agency will continue to work with Preston Council and the plans amended accordingly."

Councillor Bill Shannon, deputy leader of the Lib Dem group on Preston Council, said: "We have only in the last few weeks seen the detailed scheme but having seen it we cannot agree that it is in any way sympathetic to the heritage and character of Winckley Square.

"What is needed is not a 21st century redevelopment but restoration to something more like its 19th Century glory."

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