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Avenham Walk or “Top Walks”was laid out some time in the 17th century, though it is not known exactly when or who was responsible for the idea. Preston Corporation bought the walkway for £15 in 1697 and improved it by planting lime trees, gravelling the surface and providing seating. It became a fashionable promenade for the innocent pleasure of the social elite.
The South Prospect of Preston, 1728 This photograph is an extract from an 1728 engraving, the “South Prospect of Preston", by Samuel and Nathaniel Bucks and shows the prominence of the tree lined Avenham Walks.
Avenham Walks was still a favourate meeting place for polite society in the 1850's As this engraving shows, Avenham Walks was still a favourate meeting place for polite society in the 1850's.
Grassed terraces at the end of Avenham Walks Another engraving, also from the 1850's, shows that by this time the Walks had been expanded, steps at the end giving access to grassed terraces. These eventually became part of Avenham Park.
The view from  Avenham Walks, 1855 This engraving, made in 1855, shows one of the views that could be obtained from Avenham Walks. The southern extremity of the town can be seen including houses in Ribblesdale Place.
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