Mr Richard Newsham

A great friend of Thomas Miller was Richard Newsham who, for fifty-three years, lived at number 1 Winckley Square. He was a member of a wealthy banking family who had the good fortune to invest in John Horrocks. He too was trained for the law and devoted to public service, being a County and a Borough Magistrate. He built schools at his own expense and was warmly attached to the Church of England. He placed memorials in St. James's Church "for my good Father and Mother and for my devoted and beloved Wife." He even designed his own memorial, a large stained-glass window of which he wrote, "I should wish this window to be taken as monumental to myself... it will remain, a lasting testimony of my love and veneration for God's House, and of my Gratitude and Thankfulness for all His gracious dealings with me." Ironically, the church has been declared 'redundant'; all its treasures have been auctioned off, and the building razed to the ground.

During his lifetime, Mr. Newsham amassed a large art collection, which, on his death in January 1883, he bequeathed to Preston Corporation. In due course this formed the basis of the Art Collection at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, the Foundation Stone of which had been laid at the Guild of 1882. That collection can still be seen at the Harris.

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