The Regulation of Winckley Square
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In a deserted street, a private motor vehicle – a two-seater 15.9 Darracq – coloured French grey and with a Preston registration plate CK637, marks the dawning of a new age.
Chapel_Street It was registered on March 20, 1911, in the name of Charles Sutton Jones of Frenchwood House, Preston. By February 26, 1912, it had another owner, Hubert Henry Edmondson of 64, Fishergate Preston. From the date of the photograph it is more likely that Mr Jones had left it here.
Chapel Street is named, not after St Wilfrid’s Chapel as most people think, but after an Independent Chapel that had once stood on the corner of Chapel Street and Fishergate.
Chapel Street from Ribbledale Place Built in 1790, it ceased to be a place of worship in 1825 when it’s congregation moved to new premises in Cannon Street. The old chapel vanished from memory until on September 7, 1859, workmen discovered human remains from a cemetery where it had once stood. Along Chapel Street we see cycle power, horse power (literally) and the new motor power seen in the previous photograph.
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