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The End of an Era. The Convent of the Holy Child Jesus
The schools are long closed and shortly another Institution will go – the East Cliff Convent run by the founders of the girl’s school, the order of the Holy Child Jesus. [18th March 1988]

Best-dressed tree in town!
An Ancient "tree dressing" ceremony is to take place Winckley Square between 12.30pm and 3.30pm on October 31st, to raise money to spruce up the square and return it to its former glory. [25th October 1999]

Tangling with the rites string...
A tree dressing festival in Winckley Square, Preston. [3rd November 1999]

The building used only by women for over 100 years
For more than 125 years number 22 Winckley Square has been used exclusively by women [26th February 2001]

Parking limit plan is threat to thriving firms
The council is considering introducing permit-holder parking in Winckley Square, a move bitterly opposed by professional businesses in the area who say it could lead to more "for-sale" signs going up. [10th April 2001]

Firms quash bid to curb parking
Traffic chiefs have backed down on proposals to limit parking in Preston's professional quarter. Plans to introduce permit holder parking in some roads in the Avenham district have been ditched following strong submissions from accountants, solicitors and other businesses. [12th April 2001]

A Miller returns to his roots
Mr Robin Miller, great-great grandson of Thomas Miller, cotton manufacturer, returns to Preston to plant a tree in Winckley Square. [13th April 2001]

Not just flats… history may point way to a brighter future for area. [3rd September 2001]

The shamed mayor a town tried to forget
He was a leading figure in the town – a physician, a borough magistrate, a former Mayor and Deputy Lieutenant of the County. But despite all these positions of local distinction, Dr Thomas Monk was a person Preston quickly wanted to forget. [17th January 2002]

Passion for the Past
What Marian Roberts doesn't know about the city of Preston isn't worth knowing. [15th May 2002]

It's hip to be Square in city's new apartments
Preston's historic business quarter is set to return to its glory days as the most desirable residential address in the city. [17th June 2002]

Treasure hunt for parks' glory days
Ambitious plans have been tabled to return two of Preston's Victorian parks to their former glory. [8th July 2002]

Potted history brings past to life
Amateur historians believe that they have unearthed what could be a unique insight into Preston’s forgotten history. [1st July 2002]

Wooden Heartless
Vandals deface timber statue at new canal link. [7th August 2002]

The gates open on a new era for city parks
Plans to return Preston’s parks to their former glory are well underway.[28th August 2002]

Exclusive flats plan for college's annexe
A former college annexe will be transformed into an eclusive apartment block Preston's historic business quarter in Winckley Square. [29th August 2002]

Move to ease canal link safety fears
British Waterways has moved to allay fears over safety at Lancashire’s newest tourist attraction. [17th September 2002]

Margaret launches our missing Link!
Preston's water link with the rest of the country has been officially opened by MP Margaret Beckett. [21st September 2002]

Revealed: Preston's hidden church
A hidden Preston landmark has been revealed by demolition men.[1st January 2003]

Council paves way for an 'ugly' future?
Historians fighting to preserve Preston's Victorian past express dismay that cobbled streets are being torn up.[1st January 2003]

Cotton tales
The days when “dark satanic mills” dominated the skyline and working life of Preston have been revisited in a new book by former engineer turned teacher Colin Dickinson. [7th March 2003]

'Crystal Palace' of Preston
It may not be made out of glass, but the building once dubbed as Preston’s very own Crystal Palace still has a remarkable history. [29th March 2003]

Flats plan for historic area
Preston's historic quarter has been given a boost after planners agreed to allow the conversion of a former college annexe into plush apartments. [2nd April 2003]

£10,000 just to park
It will cost £200 a week to leave your car at new executive flats. [4th April 2003]

Living for today with past glories
The latest in a string of chic urban living developments has been unveiled at one of Preston's most exclusive addresses. [29th September 2003]

Fight back: Residents say city's "urban living" is under threat
Outrage over plans for addicts' hostel. [7th November 2003]

Call for inquiry in row over drug rehab centre
Outrage over plans for addicts' hostel. [22nd March 2004]

£7 Million Dream for City’s Green Heart
A £7 million plan to create a major new events venue in Preston’s Avenham Park is revealed today. [5th August 2004]

City too-slickers?
Preston’s Winckley Square is being transformed into an exclusive address for the people with money... but have sights bee set too high? [18th August 2004]

£7m parks dream is now a step closer
Moves to bring bigger and better entertainment to Preston's Avenham and Miller parks have moved a step closer, it emerged today. [20th October 2004]

Plush flats plan for historic site
Work has begun to convert a former college catering building into yet more plush city centre apartments in Preston’s historic business quarter. [29th October 2004]

Vision of Avenham
Five teams of architects have been short listed to design a new £950,000 pavilion for Avenham Park. [24th January 2005]

Want to be a mill-ionaire?
The classy new face at the gateway to soaring, vibrant Preston. [31st January 2005]

Meet the man with designs on Avenham
A £1m winning design will see Avenham Park's pavilion transformed into a striking work of art. [22nd February 2005]

Old school conversion gets nuns' blessing
Three special ladies have given their blessing to the conversion of their old school into luxury apartments. [24th May 2005]

£1 Billion Rebirth
Nicola Turner, city vision manager at Preston City Council, said the Winckley Square work, which would cost £1.5m, could be one of the first projects started. [16th June 2005]

£800m river vision is future of Ribble
The mastermind behind plans to rebuild an historic canal has given the thumbs-up to an 800m vision to revamp the River Ribble. [17th June 2005]

Canal Knowledge
Preston’s waterways could soon be transformed in an £800m scheme that includes plans to extend the Lancaster Canal. [28th June 2005]

We won't pay
A third of parking tickets issued to motorists in Preston this year have not been paid. [3rd December 2005]

Park's musical memories
Part of Preston's parks history will be consigned to a heap of rubble when work begins on a new era for Avenham Park next month. [24th February 2006]

Missing out on the e-list
It is the list that every city in England wants to be on. But Preston, the country's newest city, has missed out on making a list of must-see destinations. [24th February 2006]

Vandals smash pieces of history
Vandals smashed part of an irreplaceable Victorian balustrade, which forms a focal point in historic Miller Park in Preston. [27th February 2006]

The Last Stand
This was the thrilling moment when a 50-year-old bandstand in a Preston park was smashed to pieces. Crash, bang - and bandstand is gone. [11th March 2006]

Friends are reunited
Memories of Winckley Square in the wartime and the days of a unique school in Preston were recalled at a special reunion [28th March 2006]

Cost of vandalism addsup to £750,000 a year
Vandals as young as eight are causing £750,000 worth of damage in Preston each year. In one of the latest attacks, £15,000 of damage was caused to CCTV cameras at Mears Carpets in Longridge Road, Ribbleton. [26th June 2006]

Green and pleasant land?
It's been described as "the jewel in Preston's crown". But Winckley Square appears to have lost its sparkle. [26th July 2006]

Work starts on £5m park redevelopment
IT'S been described as "the jewel in Preston's crown". But Winckley Square appears to have lost its sparkle. [7th August 2006]

Preston's parks: The green grass of home
'The lungs of Preston' is how one dog walker described the city's parks. And with more than 500 hectares of publicly owned parkland in the city, there's a lot of award-winning greenery to be explored. [9th September 2006]

The grand homes of Preston's past
This week, the cost of an average house in the UK passed £200,000 for the first time and Preston saw prices rocket. But what were the des res's of the city's past? [12th October 2006]

Floodlight plan to halt parks vandalism
Lighting up could be the answer to bringing vandalism down in Preston's parks, it has been suggested. [8th December 2006]

Little stars light up in twinkly square
Pupils from two Preston schools have made it the season to be jolly in one corner of the city. The youngsters from Frenchwood Community Primary School and St Stephens CE School helped turn Prestons Winckley Square into a Christmas wonderland with a spectacular concert and art project. [18th December 2006]

Winckley Square in line for a revamp
Winckley Square is in line for a much-needed make-over, it emerged today. Preston Council has secured £54,000 to attract international landscape designers to improve the city centre gem following a catalogue of complaints about the state of the square. [19th July 2007]

Designers compete to redesign park
Work has begun on a major project to redevelop Preston's prestigious Winckley Square. [18th January 2008]

Thirteen trees are being chopped down at Winckley Square, Preston
Thirteen trees that form part of the skyline of a Preston park are being felled. The trees at Winckley Square will be removed from the park as part of a programme of regeneration work taking place over the next three months. [30th January 2008]

Preston park set to sparkle again
Winckley Square, once home to the town's richest residents, is to get a makeover costing up to £3m. [19th February 2008]

Square deal to polish city's crowning glory
The Jewel in Preston’s crown is to sparkle again. Winckley Square, once home to the town's richest residents, is to get a makeover costing up to £3m.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 19th February 2008]

£1.4M Black Hole may hit parks revamp
Two Preston parks under going massive revamps could be left high and dry - because of a £1.4m black hole. Money needs to be found to restore parts of Avenham and Miller Parks by the end of the year or the work will be aborted.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 24th May 2008]

Expert Slams Square Revamp
A judge on the panel which picked the £3m plan to transform Preston's Winckley Square has broken ranks to say the design has "missed the point."
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 28th May 2008]

City park revamp may never happen
The rebirth of Preston's historic Winckley Square park may never happen because of a legal wrangle with its 30 owners, it was claimed today.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 29th May 2008]

Bridge idea to link city with parks
Keith Scott, an architect has come up with to create a link path from Preston's city centre to its historic parks.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 29th May 2008]

Auditors to examine park failings
External auditors will be called in to examine the expensive failings which blighted the revamp of two Preston parks. During a stormy Town Hall debate, the leader of Preston Council suggested a review be carried out into how improvements to Avenham and Miller parks spiralled £500,000 over budget, from £4.5m to £5m.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 28th June 2008]

All-round view of a square plan
Work has been carried out on Preston's historic Winckley Square to discover what lies beneath it.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 3rd February 2009]

Council warns it may force square deal
City leaders are planning a land grab to take complete ownership of Winckley Square, it can be revealed today.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 12th February 2009]

Healthy trees face axe in park
Dozens of healthy trees have been earmarked for felling as part of plans to restore an historic Preston park to its Victorian glory.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 3rd September 2009]

Square's trees face the axe in revamp
One seventh of the trees in Winckley Square are set to be felled for "design reasons" as part of a £3m revamp.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 20th October 2009]

Group campaigns against cheap square plans
Conservation campaigners are mounting a protest by bombarding planning bosses with thousands of picture postcards of a threatened city square.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 11th November 2009]

Square battle on the cards
Conservation campaigners are mounting a protest by bombarding planning bosses with thousands of picture postcards of a threatened city square.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 20th November 2009]

Vision for square is a 'carbuncle''
Plans to revamp Preston's Winckley Square have been described as a "totem carbuncle on the face" of the city. Lib Dem Councillor Mark Jewell has submitted objections along with the Lib Dem group to aspects of the plan.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 1st December 2009]

Hundreds object to square's revamp plans
Conservation campaigners are mounting a protest by bombarding planning bosses with thousands of picture postcards of a threatened city square.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 2nd December 2009]

No Chance, No Hope
Winckley Square Revamp Scapped. Because of savage budget cuts being forced on town halls by the Government, council chiefs have now revealed there is NO chance of finding cash for the project and NO hope of it going ahead.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 9th November 2010]

We'll buy historic square, says boss
The leader of cash-strapped Preston Council has said it is buying up chunks of land on the city's historic Winckley Square.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 31st January 2011]

Security stepped up at listed park monument
A historic part of a Preston park is to get extra protection after being repeatedly targeted by vandals.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 10th February 2011]

In defence of the city square
Jeremy Coates, managing director of Magma Digital, decided in January 2011 to move the business to Winckley Square in Preston city centre.
[The Lancashire Evening Post, 1st March 2011]

"Green paper" for city square<
A 'green paper' will be drawn up on what should happen to Preston's Winckley Square.
[Lancashire Evening Post, Monday 10th October 2011]

Plans to redevelop Winckley Square spring back into action
A historic part of a Preston park is to get extra protection after being repeatedly targeted by vandals.
[Lancashire Evening Post, Thursday 20th October 2011]

Lottery cash awarded to help revive Preston\'s Winckley Square
The Preston landmark is in line for a major restoration as part of a £1 million transformation.
[Lancashire Evening Post, Wednesday 08th January 2014]
The Citizen
I see Trees
Halloween couldn't have been a better time to use the ancient tradition of Tree Dressing to brighten up Preston's Winckley Square. [4th November 1999]

Dance and Theatre
A Preston art group is preparing for a special dance and theatre performance in March 2000. Secret Arts was behind the colourful tree-dressing event recently held In Winckley Square, Preston. [11th November 1999]

Willow stolen from Square
The artist who created a huge willow masterpiece of a Victorian lady in Winckley Square says she is not surprised the outdoor sculpture has been up-rooted by thieves. [2nd December 1999]

Back to his roots
The great-great grandson of Preston cotton manufacturer Thomas Miller is to return to his ancestral roots later this month to plant a tree in the town. [5th April 2001]

Beckett to open Ribble Link
The multi-million pound Ribble Link will be opened tomorrow (Friday) by Margaret Beckett, MP. [19th September 2002]

City living hits £1 million mark
Would you pay £1 million for an apartment in this historic house in the centre of Preston? The city’s first £1m des res has gone up for sale in Winckley Square. [6th October 2002]

Park Life for homeless trio
Living under canvas has become a way of life for three homeless men who have been sleeping in a tent in Avenham Park since before Christmas. [17th January 2006]

Hospice: Project starts
Hospital staff, architects and builders met at St Catherine's Hospice, in Lostock Hall Lane, Lostock Hall, to cut the first sod of a new building which will form part of a £3million regeneration scheme. [4th October 2007]

Artistic accounts
Almost £500,000 is to be spent on the Harris Museum in the next six months in a bid to attract some of the world's top works of art. [4th October 2007]

Competition on to design ancient square
A design competition is being launched to revamp Preston's Winckley Square. The competition will see a number of landscape architects battle it out to turn their designs into reality in the leafy city centre area. [11th October 2007]

The Prestonian
Return of the Winckley Square Willow Sculpture
A magnificent Willow Sculpture of a lady in Victorian costume has been returned to the Square. Hopefully the willow will send out shoots and the lady will begin to grow to become a local landmark in the Square. [Spring 2000]
Italian bridge plan sinking in troubled waters
Planning hitch could see end of shops dream. Plans to bring a touch of Tuscany to Preston look shaky. [ May 2002]

New canal link will be completed on time next month
Preston's new stretch of canal will be completed on time next month. The new link will realise a 200 year old dream to connect the Lancaster canal with the Leeds and Liverpool canal. [ June 2002]

"Eyesore" factory set for revamp
Ambitious plans to turn one of Preston’s most famous factories into flats have been unveiled. [ May 2003]

The Telegraph
Nicholas Swarbrick
Merchant Navy radio operator for the Atlantic convoys of the First World. [ February 2006]
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