East Lancashire Railway
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The East Lancashire Railway
The Butler Street goods yard, 1862. On the left is the East Lancashire Railway engine shed, and on the right the ELR carriage shed and goods warehouse. In the centre is the London & North Western Railway’s Charles Street goods depot. The site is now occupied by the Fishergate Centre and its car parks.
  East Lancashire Railway, Butler Street  
The old Preston railway station was described by Anthony Hewitson in 1882 as “one of the most dismal, dilapidated, disgraceful-looking structures in Christendom… not only a very ill-looking, but an exceedingly inconvenient, dangerous station”. It was rebuilt in 1883, but this photograph (taken from Fishergate Bridge in 1862) shows the older building, a ramshackle collection of sheds and structures which, if the appalling state of the roof is any guide, certainly merited that derogatory description.
  Preston Railway Station  
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